20 Powerful Open-Ended Sales Questions That Will Get Prospects Talking


by Jenny Keohane

Top sales reps know that the key to a successful discovery call is centering the conversation around the prospect, their pain points, and how your solution will help them – this is done by asking questions.

But are you asking your prospects the right questions?

You want to avoid all questions that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” Your goal is to ask open-ended sales questions that involve in-depth explanations so you can grasp as much information as possible to tailor your sales pitch around them.

We’ll discuss 20 open-ended question examples, why they work, and what to listen for that will help accelerate your sales process.

1. What will make this a successful meeting for you?

At the very beginning of your meeting, you can immediately stand out by asking your prospect for their opinion and thoughts first. You can then jot down what…

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