The Selling Process: Discover 5 branded content success factors


The Selling Process Discover 5 branded content success factors

by Ariel Giusti

1. A product that sells naturally creates a “market fit” marketing product that sells naturally because it solves the unserved needs of the potential advertisers. Most common needs? Branding, video, native and social media. It is essential to integrate all in the same plan in a logical way and with a compelling sales message.

2. Client selection

This is crucial, the very foundation of any sales process. Since we create the product based on client needs, it should be evident what type of clients we can help best. We all know that that higher ticket products/services do better with integrated marketing solutions that involve branded content because those advertisers have:

A. Enough investment capacity
B. Higher need to explain and educate their audience

3. Consultation agenda

So you call and set up an appointment to present a sales pitch? Nope, you won´t go too far with that…

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