25 Cold Calling Tips You Can Use To Get Meetings with Anyone


If you feel overwhelmed by cold calls, you’re not alone.

No two calls are the same, which makes the experience exciting and, at times, frightening.

This is exactly why we’ve gathered 25 “super quick” cold calling tips to help you every step of the way.

Pro Tip: Calling prospects right after they’ve opened your email can result in a 32% higher connect rate. This tool tells you when they open — in real-time.

9 Ways to Prepare For Your Cold Call

1. Research, Research, Research

Researching your prospect should be a pre-call ritual. By tracking down key information about them, you can deliver calls with value and keep their attention. Without research, you appear selfish by showing zero investment in the person on the other end of the phone. Your prospects will appreciate the extra effort made with personalization and will open up to better conversation.

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