4 Steps to Create a Winning Culture (and Company) from Scratch


4 Steps to Create a Winning Culture (and Company) from Scratch

If you want customers to buy what you’re selling, you first need your team to buy into your vision.

By James Kerr

Startups move quickly to get their business off the ground. When you’re scaling your business and bringing people on to help your company grow, don’t make the mistake of unwittingly putting company culture on the back burner. It’s important, indeed critical, to long-term success.

And you need to do it early. When solidifying your team and presenting them with your agenda, some people (who may even be among the best and brightest in the business) may resist.

As a startup founder, you must confront this resistance head-on to create a company culture that will serve as a strong foundation for growth. How do you tackle this challenge, without alienating the very people you must lead?

Here are four steps I’ve used to walk entrepreneurs through this common challenge.


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