The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for B2B Sales


The advent of new technologies and a globalized consumer landscape has dramatically changed the way B2B brands sell.

Even just a couple of years ago, cold calling and direct mail were the go-to methods for reaching new customers and pitching your services. But today’s consumers are savvier than ever and don’t want to be bombarded with constant sales messages.

Instead, they do their own research and are far more proactive in their hunt for services than ever before. In fact, research from Forrester found that 74% of B2B buyers conduct about half of their total research online before they make an offline purchase.

As a result, companies are increasingly turning to digital strategies to get more customers.

What are B2B Sales? The Difference Between B2B and B2C

To put it simply, B2C sales are made when regular consumer purchases from a business. For example, this might be someone…

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