7 Steps to Establish a Successful Sales Mentorship Program


7 Steps to Establish a Successful Sales Mentorship Program

Many top sales organizations use mentorship programs to ramp new salespeople and groom senior reps for leadership roles. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned mentorship programs lack proper strategies and planning.

Why implement a sales mentorship program?

I will always be a believer in sales mentorship programs. Early in my career, the hands-on training I received from my mentors taught me more than any other experience. I can remember deals at every company I’ve worked for that I simply wouldn’t have closed without help. Applying these learnings to subsequent deals enabled me to win them on my own — and in a much smaller time frame. Eventually, I took those learnings and taught them to sales reps I was mentoring.

As I’ve seen firsthand, mentorship programs accelerate the learning and promotion processes on a sales team. In fact, studies show that mentorship programs lead to increased salaries, quicker time to…

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