How To Know If A Deal Will Close: A 3-Part Checklist


How To Know If A Deal Will Close A 3 Part Checklist

In order to be effective as a mid-market or enterprise salesperson, you have to be willing to accept that not every deal is worth pursuing. The truth is, you only have a limited number of hours each day and a lot of deals you could be spending your time on.

You can’t afford to waste time on ‘floater’ deals that will never close.

So here’s the question:

If you know that each month only 10-20% of your pipeline is actually going to close, how do you spot the deals worth spending time on?

In order to trim and optimize your pipeline, you need to be able to recognize the primary factors that influence whether or not a deal will actually close.

The 3-Part Checklist For Spotting Real Deals

I’ve found that the likelihood of a deal closing can ultimately be boiled down to three things:

1. Business…

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