25 Years Later, What “Tommy Boy” Teaches Us About Sales


20 Years Later, What “Tommy Boy” Teaches Us About Sales

If you’ve ever seen the cult classic movie “Tommy Boy,” you can probably rattle off half a dozen of the film’s most memorable quotes. “Tommy Boy” is the story of an ‘odd couple’ – Chris Farley and David Spade – who take a road trip across the Rust Belt, desperately trying to sell auto parts in order to save Farley’s deceased father’s company.

This year – if you can believe it – marks the 20th anniversary of “Tommy Boy” hitting the theaters (and that deer).  And while the film is a comedy, it teaches three common-sense approaches to achieve success in sales, which still hold true today.

Tommy Boy Sales Movie Image

“Brothers Don’t Shake Hands, Brothers Gotta Hug”

In this famous scene, Chris Farley’s Tommy meets his obnoxious, soon to be step-brother (played by Rob Lowe) and the two could not be any more unlike. Similarly, for years, marketing and sales…

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