Unboxing the Welcome Email: 4 Essential Ingredients for Success


Unboxing the Welcome Email 4 Essential Ingredients for Success

Have you ever been blown off right from the start? Ever been “ghosted” just after meeting someone—be it a potential business contact, friend or dating partner—you really liked and thought you were hitting it off with?

Whether you’ve experienced it first-hand or just heard the horror stories, ghosting totally sucks.

If you can relate, then you get why welcome campaigns aren’t just vital but critical to email success. Not only do they set the tone for the entire future of your subscriber relationships, but they also ensure those subscriber connections become relationships. They pave the way for good deliverability (inbox vs. junk folder placement), and they create familiarity, appreciation, engagement and (most importantly) trust.

Failing to send a welcome message after email sign-up or address capture is the digital equivalent of ghosting your subscribers. And we know what happens to ghosters—they get blocked, ignored, forgotten…

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