The #1 Killer of All Sales Deals and What to Do About It


The #1 Killer of All Sales Deals and What to Do About It

There are a lot of variables and reasons for the “Closed – Lost” opportunity: competition, pricing, internal politics, lack of knowledge of the client’s business needs, bad sales approach, and more.

However, the #1 killer of all deals in my experience is time. The longer a deal takes to close, the less likely it will.

“Sales Clock” Defined:

The sales clock is the time between your action as a salesperson and the prospect’s response during any part of the sales process. If the prospect takes too long to respond, the sales clock keeps ticking, extending the time to close.

Sales clock management is about effectively following up with clients regularly to keep the deal moving forward without delays.

We all know the closer a deal gets to closing, the more back-and-forth there is between us and the client. The frequency of interaction increases and the…

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