Winning back advertising lost during the COVID-19 pandemic


get real
by Peter Wagner
Many publishers, and their staffs, are worried about jump-starting their local advertisers following the COVID-19 shutdown.
Although they’ve faithfully published their paper, often at a loss in the last three months, some former client’s media confidence and buying habits have changed. We’ve had three long-established weekly newspapers close or combine with neighboring papers here in Iowa. Elsewhere, two once highly acclaimed daily papers have cut their publishing schedules to once a week.
But a great truth remains! Locally printed newspapers, and in many cases also the local free circulation shopper, still provide the greatest buyer response for any and all local advertising dollars invested. The community newspaper continues to offer the greatest reach and most response for any media in the local market.

Local businesses want to advertise and need to advertise. But most don’t know when, how, or what. Now, more than ever, our printed paper…

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