Tips for sales teams in the COVID-19 crisis


Tips for sales teams in the COVID-19 crisis

With COVID-19 face to face, selling is over, at least temporarily, and this means that sales teams and sales leaders have to adapt their approach, offering, and technique to a digital world.

Selling doesn’t sound easy during a pandemic, but it is still happening and essential, so all is not lost. Although it is true that many customers will be stressed and re-prioritizing right now – and therefore not in the right frame of mind to talk to a salesperson – this is a crucial time to be building relationships before we enter the “new normal” more formally.

Empathetic sales

At this uncertain time, it’s important for sales teams to understand their customers’ mindsets. Empathy and understanding will go a long way with customers at the moment, which means that having good research beforehand on how they are affected by COVID-19 themselves is imperative.

Sales teams should be able to…

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