The 5-Step Formula for a Reliable Sales-To-Service Handoff Process


The 5-Step Formula for a Reliable Sales-To-Service Handoff Process

Want happy employees, happier customers, and more revenue?

The secret may surprise you…

It’s as simple as a solid sales-to-service handoff.

For several years, I ran account management at a marketing agency — a business model infamous for mismatched expectations and subjective quality of delivery. I’ve seen lots of good AND bad handoffs and learned what to look for the hard way.

When we succeeded, it was because of the process and close communication we built between sales and customer service. It takes both of these teams, working together, to design and consistently execute a handoff that sets customers up for long-term success.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Keep reading to learn the formula for a good sales handoff process.

Why Is the Handoff So Important?

Let’s first quickly look at why a good sales-to-customer-success handoff is so important. There are three main reasons.

1. The…

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