How To Get Your Sales Email Opened


How To Get Your Sales Email Opened

It’s no secret that salespeople spend a lot of time in their Inbox: writing emails, sending an email, but most of all, awaiting for a reply from their potential clients.

Notice I didn’t mention reading an email. In fact, getting a response to an email is one of the biggest challenges.

Think of it this way, salespeople use email for a ton of things:

  • Reaching out
  • Booking a demo or a meeting
  • Following up
  • Sending additional information
  • Sending a proposal

If the prospect isn’t even opening the first email, that means none of the sequential steps will ever take place, costing the business new customers over and over again. The scary reality is that email drives revenue, so it’s crucial we get it right.

That’s why this article focuses on solving the first step of the equation: how to get those prospects to open your email in…

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