Six tips for optimizing your B2B relationships in the time of COVID-19



B2B companies can use the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to re-evaluate what clients and stakeholders need and accelerate products and services that will better serve them. 


Use current customer needs as your new barometer.

Make the effort to understand how your clients’ and stakeholders’ priorities have changed and what matters most to them. Use this opportunity to recalibrate your relationship with them.
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Examine your experience landscape and conduct a strategic triage.

Determine what new product or service innovations you’ve generated during this crisis that you want to take forward. Also, think about what new partnerships you’ve created or opportunities you can identify to bring new B2B partners into your experience ecosystem. Once the worst is over, which practices will you keep, and which should you leave behind?

Be alert to unexpected or innovative solutions.

Focus on the latent and unmet needs of your customers and create an experience…

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