How to treat prospects that are hurting during this crisis


How to treat prospects that are hurting during this crisis

How do you deal with prospects and customers that are hurting during these times?

So many companies are facing serious challenges due to the COVID crisis. Deals you thought would be closed this quarter have suddenly gone out the window. Millions of people have been suddenly laid off from their jobs.

Your prospects are suffering.

So, what should you do with prospects like these? Is it time to forget about them and move on?

Simple answer: No.

I’m going to share a piece of advice I received years ago that can be applied to all salespeople today. Then, I’ll show you how to reach out in a way that boosts your reputation and can even help your career.

How David Weekly’s advice to me from years ago applies today

When I first moved from Europe to Silicon Valley, I went to a TEDx event and met David…

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