How to Become a Sales Manager in 2020 (Your Foolproof Formula)


How to Become a Sales Manager in 2020 (Your Foolproof Formula)

Want to know how to become a sales manager? If you’ve done everything you can at your current role and need the challenge only promotion to sales manager will bring, you’re in luck. It’s a task easier said than done.

How do you stand out from your colleagues and distinguish yourself as the only logical choice for the next promotion?

Here are 5 steps to become a sales manager — crucial (and doable) steps that will take you closer to that promotion and the benefits it brings.

Step #1: Address Your Attitude

I’ve seen it too many times.

top-performing salesperson starts to believe the hype about their position. They start to think that they really are the most important member of a team, a team they believe to be the most important part of the business.

And it ruffles feathers — not in the good kind of…

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