It’s time to sell a “StayCation” section


It’s time to sell a “StayCation” section 2

It’s time to sell a “StayCation” section.

    With COVID-19 pressing many families to cancel distant summer vacations, it’s a good time to consider publishing one or more “StayCation” sections.
Our Iowa Information team produced a four-week series of “StayCation” sections in 2011 when America’s high gas prices also kept families close to home. That series, published over four Saturdays, focused on the four counties surrounding our base community of Sheldon. As a weekend regional newspaper, we have paid circulation in all four counties.
This year we’ve kicked off a repeat effort that will see us publishing 15 weekly sections for communities from 400 to 7,000 population. Each section will focus on finding fun things the family can do while staying close to home.
    The advertising dollars for the sections can come from numerous sources: local grocery stores promoting picnics and cookouts, convenience stores and restaurants…

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