In This Era of Meaningful Media, Marketers Must Lead With Empathy


In This Era of Meaningful Media, Marketers Must Lead With Empathy

You now have consumers’ undivided attention; what will you do with it?

In the school of “be careful what you wish for,” advertisers now have what they’ve always wanted—a captive audience.

With more platforms, ads, and ways to avoid those ads, consumer attention has grown fragmented, prompting marketers to seek out rare moments of undivided focus. Those instances, however, have become increasingly difficult to find as marketers seek to identify what media matters most to people.

Now, the moment for meaningful media has arrived. From pandemic to protest, people have turned to media not just as a distraction, but as a lifeline to the world outside their homes and a means to join in conversations that are changing the culture. As marketers, we must rise to the challenge. How can we leverage this undivided attention in the most meaningful way?

Covid-19 and media consumption

First, you need…

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