The Importance of Communicating with Your Audience During Covid19



Louise Findlay-Wilson, Founder and Managing Director of Energy PR explains why keeping your audience engaged during times of uncertainty is so important, and offers her advice on communicating with consumers in a sensitive and intelligent way.

At a time when customers can’t buy your product or service, there can be a temptation to turn off the things that drive demand, especially if these things are costing you money. One victim of this strategy is often PR. However, turning comms off at a time when consumers are already unable to engage with your brand in normal ways is a major mistake.

Currently, people are not bumping into your brand whilst going about their daily lives as they might usually. They are not seeing you in the shops, whilst traveling, or in workplaces. Your brand is simply not in front of people. So, if you also cut your external communications, you have…

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