Creating a marketing action plan for a recession


Creating a marketing action plan for a recession

45 practical ways to help maintain leads and sales during a market downturn

Creating a marketing action plan for a recession

  • Plan – defining your marketing communications strategy and action plans
  • Reach – growing awareness and demand
  • Act – generating leads using the best content and customer journeys
  • Convert – increasing both online and offline conversion to sale
  • Engage – improve loyalty through customer communications

Recessions inevitably lead to changes in consumer spending and demand for products and services, so plans need to be re-evaluated so businesses can stay competitive and build a solid platform for the future after the recession.

With reduced demand, it becomes vital to rapidly think through new alternative approaches to prioritize marketing activities with the biggest potential. That’s where this guide comes in.

This guide is structured as a checklist of ideas to consider when updating your marketing communications so they are fit for surviving…

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