Embracing Virtual Marketing Across Channels


Embracing Virtual Marketing Across Channels

 by Sarah Mannone

Whether we like it or not, the trade shows and events we used to know likely won’t be back for quite some time. As the months of social distancing have stretched on, trade show organizers and event hosts have pivoted from postponing or canceling to going virtual, with many embracing the brave new world of virtual event technology for large-scale events.

But event marketing is only one facet of the push for multi-channel virtual marketing that we’re seeing across industries. Many organizations are erring on the side of caution in all areas of their work, from video conference calls to indefinite remote work options. What at first seemed like a short-term shift might be more of long-term evolution.

If your organization is embracing virtual, consider these possibilities.

Top-of-Funnel: Virtual Lead Generation

Much of your top-of-funnel marketing is probably already done digitally, but now you might be feeling extra…

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