5 Things Managers Can Do To Help Opportunity Talent Thrive In A Remote Work Environment


5 Things Managers Can Do To Help Opportunity Talent Thrive In A Remote Work Environment

Opportunity Talent faces unique challenges when it comes to working remotely.

Here are 5 things that managers should do to help them thrive in our new reality.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of companies have shifted their operations to a remote setting with astounding speed, keeping as many people working as possible while continuing to serve clients and customers in need. These are remarkable achievements and point to the continued strength and leadership of U.S. employers and the American workforce.

As it becomes clear that workplaces will remain remote for the foreseeable future, and that some may stay that way long after this crisis, managers must be equipped to continue supporting their teams even as how they do so looks different.

Working remotely is not just about setting up the technology and moving forward with “business as usual.” Leaders must rebuild and develop a workplace…

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