5 Things to Do Before Publishing a Blog Post


5 Things to Do Before Publishing a Blog Post

Writing an effective blog post today involves more than just channeling your inner Hemingway. Here are five things you should do before you hit the publish button, along with the apps and plugins you need to do them efficiently.

1. Improve on-page SEO

The WordPress.com plugin Yoast SEO guides you through the steps to ensure that search engines can find your post. It analyzes content for readability, keyword use and distribution, title length, links, alt tags, and much more.

screenshot of Yoast SEO analysis pluging in WordPress, image courtesy of Yoast.com

2. Spellcheck

Even if you were the reigning spelling bee champ all of middle school, you could still suffer from “typoglycemia.” This newly coined term refers to your brain’s ability to skip over typos and other errors when reading text, autocorrecting them in your mind. This happens because your brain reads words as a whole and not by the letter.

Cure your typoglycemia with WP…

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