What’s the best way to clean the mobile and other devices? – 6min read


What's the best way to clean the mobile and other devices - 6min rea

We tend to avoid cleaning our electronic devices because we’re not sure how best to do it. What do we do when something spills on a device or keyboard? Here are a few tips and tools to consider.

Is it necessary to regularly clean mobile and other devices?

It’s a fact that most of us prefer to ignore. Our mobile devices accumulate dirt and grime during everyday use, and can do with the occasional (well, OK, regular!) cleaning. We take great care to clean other tools, clothing items, utensils, and surfaces we use less frequently, but most of us have not yet adopted the habit of cleaning our electronic devices.

Most of our customers use our field sales app and are therefore entirely dependent on mobile phones and tablets to complete their daily business activities. These customers don’t just handle their devices all day long but expose them to more…

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