10 Habits That Make a Good Leader


10 Habits That Make a Good Leader

When identifying the traits that make a good leader, there is one quality that immediately rises to the top of the list, and that is confidence. This element of human behavior is the defining principle that precisely defines what a leader is. However, there are also many other lesser aspects that many great leaders throughout history have shared. In this article, ten other attributes found in powerful leaders will be examined so that a more well-defined concept of this topic can be better developed.

1. Peaceful Bravery

There is a significant difference between arrogant courage and peaceful bravery. Oftentimes, arrogance does not always provide emotional stability and is often difficult to maintain. However, true bravery is filled with peace and allows leaders to remain calm and collected in the middle of a chaotic storm, so they can make correct decisions and overcome a greater number of theā€¦

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