15 B2B Cold Calling Tips to Boost Your Success Rate (& Keep It Fun)


Believe it or not, cold calling success isn’t about the script you use or the structure of your call.

Those are important elements, of course, but they aren’t what matters most.

What does move the needle, you ask?

Keep reading to learn 15 advanced cold calling tips that anyone can master — all but guaranteed to boost your success rate and help you hit your numbers faster.

Let’s dive in…

15 Cold Calling Tips

  1. Target the Right Prospects
  2. Set the Right Expectations and Goals
  3. Use the Right Script
  4. PRACTICE, practice, practice
  5. Get Through to the Right Person
  6. Make Your Reason for Calling Clear Immediately
  7. A Lesson from Stevie Wonder
  8. Pay Attention to Your Body Language
  9. Have a Plan for Handling Objections
  10. Anticipate Questions
  11. Don’t take it personally 🙂
  12. Document the Call
  13. End the Call With an Action
  14. Follow Up
  15. Make Your Call Matter

Cold Calling Tip #1: Target the Right…

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