Blog Post Checklist: 14 to Do Before You Hit Pubilsh | If you’re ready to get serious about your blog, but aren’t sure about the best ways take to market it, this post is for you! It includes 14 tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs to help your posts get found and shared by more people everywhere.. Click through to check out all the tips!So you’ve got your blog up and running and you’re posting on the regular. High five!! Today I have a blog post checklist to help you step up your game, even more, to get traffic to it (and leads from it!)

In this blog post, I share 14 things you should do before you publish each post.

Well, maybe not before every post. If you’ve got a flow going with your writing, you can always go back through the list after you publish and update it. I like to work in batches of five, where I publish five posts and then tweak them using the checklist.

It may seem like a lot to do, but once you get into a workflow it gets a lot easier and quicker. And when you put so much heart and soul into writing your post, it makes sense to give it the best shot…

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