Nervous Body Language: The Top 10 Signs


Nervous Body Language  The Top 10 Signs

Are you guilty of the ‘sins’ of nervous body language while speaking? Here are 10 signs that you may be exhausting rather than energizing your listeners!

I’ve been attending some interesting talks lately, and I’m exhausted.

How can that be, I’ve wondered? As an audience member I’ve been sitting quietly and relaxed and, I hope, attentive. I certainly haven’t been expending any energy. But all the movement I’ve been witnessing on stage has been making me feel like I’ve run five miles!

Could it be that these speakers are all on edge? The answer is actually much simpler. What I’ve been seeing—and what any of us can sometimes be guilty of—is just nervous body language. What exactly does that mean, and how can you become aware of whether you’re using it?

Using Natural Body Language for Public Speaking

First, it’s important to understand that your body is…

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