Call Mapping: What It Is, and How to Incorporate It Into Your Sales Process


There’s a lot that goes into closing the deal.

A modern salesperson has to be a jack-of-all-trades, adept at working with new tech tools like email automation, CRM, sales intelligence, and data-backed personalization, while still being comfortable with ‘old-school’ concepts like networking, product knowledge, building rapport, the drop-in…

And cold calls.

Yes, they still have a place in the fast-paced and largely digital world of sales in the 21st century. The list of traits and skills is long and always evolving, but knowing how to work the phone continues to be a very valuable asset.

That said, the blueprint for a successful call today might surprise you if you still adhere to the old “keep it short and listen more than you talk” philosophy.

Successful sales calls are longer rather than shorter, have the sales rep doing most of the speaking – including several longish monologues – and don’t…

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