3 Ways Marketers Can Continue Generating Pipeline


3 Ways Marketers Can Continue Generating Pipeline

By Latane Conant

In the midst of everything the world is going through right now—the pandemic, economic distress, social distancing—we marketers face an incredibly challenging time leading our teams.

While balancing the priorities of family, work, and everything in between, we still need to continue generating predictable revenue—just not in the ways we were before.

Maintain Relationships With Prospective Buyers

I like having all the answers. But I’ll be honest, this situation had me stumped. I mean, where should I point my team? Should I tell them to keep going? Empathize with customers? Use their best judgment?

Of course, these are useful tips to relay to your team. But personally, when plotting my team’s victory, I rely on data and insights. Our tactics have changed a lot, but our targeting strategies are already rooted in behavioral insights into what our buyers really care about and which of them are currently…

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