3 Ways to Enhance Customer and Employee Collaboration Post-COVID-19


3 Ways to Enhance Customer and Employee Collaboration Post-COVID-19

By Barton Goldenberg

It is no longer business as usual, as companies around the world are having to learn to adjust to the new normal resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer knowledge and enhanced customer collaboration are at the core of this new normal. Here are the top three ways companies are adjusting:


At the core of every successful CRM implementation is the creation of holistic customer profiles that provide needed information to support the key sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Think of it this way: The customer profile is a flower, and then you place the customer at the center of the flower and add the appropriate “petals” of information about the customer, including front-office data (e.g., CRM), back-office data (e.g., enterprise resource planning), digital insights, and third-party data.

Next, you analyze your customer profiles to identify unique customer…

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