How to Create Your Own Cold Calling Sales Scripts


Cold calling is challenging enough, but finding a cold calling script that’s not only effective but also specific to your business can be downright impossible.

Rather than combing through endless Google searches or dozing off skimming a cold calling guidebook, you should simply create your own. That’s what we’ll talk you through in this article, thanks to input from Wendy Weiss of and Derek Jankowski, director of sales development at PatientPop.

Why Cold Calling Scripts Are Worth Creating

You might think cold calling scripts just aren’t for you. That they’ll stifle your team’s natural creativity and ability to think “on the fly.”

But that’s simply not the point of creating a sales script. This isn’t about transforming your salespeople into a bunch of unthinking robots, churning out the same conversations over and over again.

Instead, it’s about giving them the tools they need to have consistently valuable discussions…

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