10 Tips for Video Conference Meetings from Home


10 Tips for Video Conference Meetings from Home

With COVID-19 “stay at home, stay safe, save lives” orders now firmly in place nearly everywhere, those that are working from home are finding themselves using one of a variety of video meeting services such as Skype, Zoom, WebEx, Abobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, and others to stay connected and accomplish day-to-day business activities.

Here are some helpful tips that we have found for achieving the best possible video conference meetings with your colleagues and customers:

Be sure you have a good connection – A stable, fast, and reliable Internet connection is key to any successful video conference meeting. If you’ve found that your home Internet is prone to “go out,” you will want to make sure that you are sitting near your router or, better yet, use a hardwire connection. You might also consider upgrading your home service to “business class” internet…

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