5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Virtual Conferences


Attending a virtual conference

As large-scale gatherings continue to present logistical and public-health challenges, more and more events are going virtual – including conferences. While this has caused massive losses for many companies, there are also opportunities if you seize them. One report showed that 86% of attendees of online meetings reported higher engagement than in-person experiences.

Note also that travelers are wary, with 15% of respondents to one survey reporting that they would not travel even after all restrictions are lifted, so preparing for a future of virtual conferences should begin now even if you haven’t registered for any upcoming virtual events.

Recently, Ivy Exec Co-Founder and Vice President Alex Baranpuria and Senior Strategic Development Officer Lauren Lorenzo attended the Graduate Management Education Conference. We sat down with them to find out what advice and insights they have to offer to virtual conference attendees to ensure that you get the most value out…

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