3 Ways to Put Your Best Foot Forward in Virtual Sales Meetings 


Red crayon standing out from the crowd

If you are like me, you have sat through more zoom sales pitches in the last 6 months than you can count. In fact, according to Business of Apps, Zoom was downloaded over 2 million times daily in March— up from just 56,000 in January. In addition, Zoom saw 30 times the amount of participants on calls at peak times through March and April compared to previous months.

With this level of rapid adoption and force participation, it is clear that virtual meetings and virtual selling are here to stay.

But, while the methods and technology used may be changing, the selling itself remains the same. Simply put, the market has shifted, but many foundational behaviors that increase sales success remain unchanged.

Here are 4 targeted things you can do to ensure you always put your best foot forward in virtual sales meetings.

Tip 1: Turn on your camera…

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