Why Print Matters in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Does print matter? Is print advertising dead? Do people still read magazines?

In today’s digital world it’s easy to assume print advertising is dead. But print matters! Print advertising is still alive and working!

The above assumption may have a grain of truth, but saying print advertising is completely dead is an exaggeration.

We still see ads in magazines and newspapers, don’t we? Well, that means print advertising is still alive and it still works.

Paper ads are not dead. Print matters.

Printed media is staying afloat despite all the negative predictions and skepticism around it. Even more, in some industries, it remains the number one marketingplatform.


We at Cash4Toners decided to dive a little deeper and see how to research and data back up these bold statements! Print matters!

Print Vs Digital Advertising: Print Matters When It Comes to Emotions and Feelings

Nothing’s as good as it…

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