3 in 4 publishers have responded to the pandemic with new content products, “from brand-building to securing a lucrative new revenue stream”


3 in 4 publishers have responded to the pandemic

Nearly 3 in 4 publishers say they have created new content products in response to COVID-19, according to a survey by BRAND United and Publishing Executive. These include new e-newsletters, podcasts, peer groups, and other digital resources that would be useful to their readers during the pandemic.

The survey was conducted at the end of May and included responses from 216 respondents representing a mix of B2B, consumer, association, and regional publishers. Its findings are available in Product Innovation in the Publishing Industry During the Pandemic and Beyond, a free report from BRAND United.

“The audience is potentially limitless”

Examples shared in the report include that of B2B publisher HousingWire, which has been organizing virtual software demo days to educate its audience of mortgage lenders and real estate professionals. These virtual events…

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