Turn a Toxic Workplace Around, A Guide for Leaders



It can take hold when your attention is directed elsewhere, or you may have inherited it when you took a new position. But once you see that your workplace is toxic, you can’t turn away.

Toxic workplaces drain the company of vitality and talent and can incur significant reputational and economic costs as well. The potential impact to the health of the business, as well as employees, makes it essential that rehabilitating the toxic work culture becomes the top priority for company leaders.

Signs of the Toxic Workplace

Bob Sutton, professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University, offers a three-point checklist for determining whether you have a toxic workplace on your hands.

  • Physical and mental health is suffering.

This might show up in employees as a general malaise or dispiritedness, low-grade anxiety, and perhaps hints of trouble in relationships at home, as well as in the workplace. These signs could…

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