Three prospecting opening scripts to use in this challenging time (without sounding awkward or salesy)


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by Art Sobczak
A question I’m hearing a lot during this current situation (I won’t call it by its C-word name) is, “Should I be prospecting right now?”

Well, for most businesses, the answer is, “Only if you want to stay in business after we pull out of this thing.”

I understand that entire industries have been decimated. Jobs have been lost.

But others are thriving and crushing it.

And the ones in the middle… the ones that have slowed down but are still operating… what they are doing today, right now, will determine where they are six months after things begin to normalize.

The question for sales pros then is, “How do I do it? What do I say?”

That is what we are covering right now in my special Sales Stimulus Training that sales pros worldwide are taking advantage of.

In yesterday’s live training we reviewed the Opening…

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