How to successfully onboard employees in a work-at-home world


How to successfully onboard employees in a work-at-home world

There’s no overstating the importance of a quality employee onboarding. “A meaningful onboarding experience has the power to set a positive and memorable tone for an employee’s future experience,” says Donna Kimmel, EVP & Chief People Officer at Citrix. However, amid widespread shelter-in-place orders, new hires won’t be greeted with a balloon at their desk or a team lunch on the corporate card any time soon. This may cause some leaders to fear that they’re not putting their best foot forward. Digitally mature organizations, though, can rest assured that even absent the pizza party, they’re setting their new hires up to succeed from their first week onward.

Consider this: In research commissioned by Citrix, The Economist Intelligence Unit found that 37% of C-suite and rank-and-file employees reported that well-implemented workplace technology had a positive impact on the employee experience. With the pandemic forcing companies to reconsider everything from mobile device…

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