Top 60 Employee Engagement Ideas from the Experts


Top 60 Employee Engagement Ideas from the Experts

by Employee Engagement

How often do you see this scenario play out?

A new employee joins your team excited, motivated, and full of new ideas. Then as the days turn into months, the energy and enthusiasm they walked through the door with plateaus, then inevitably plummets.

For many organizations, keeping staff engaged is an ongoing struggle. If your people are disconnected and aren’t engaged with the work they’re doing, how can you expect potential customers to get excited about your company?

Disengaged staff can also mean higher rates of absenteeism, lack of productivity, higher turnover, more room for human error, safety incidents, and much more.

If this sounds familiar, don’t panic. You are not alone. Many top HR leaders, CEOs and successful entrepreneurs have experienced these same frustrations and roadblocks. But many of them have also found ways to tackle this engagement head-on.

Here at PageUp, we’ve compiled a list of…

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