Learning the Lessons of a Pandemic


Learning the Lessons of a Pandemic

What the last few months can teach us about work and the people doing it

A quick scan of the headlines these days reveals dozens of stories on how COVID-19 will change business technology. From remote work to robotic automation to shifting eCommerce demographics, there’s no shortage of technology trends to follow. What’s more interesting to us at Citrix though are human beings.

The massive disruption of the pandemic and its associated shutdowns has brought profound changes to the way we think about work. Many of those changes will have lasting consequences that stick with us long after the immediate health crisis has passed.

We’ve been speaking to several of our partners—the people on the front lines helping companies pivot their workforces to a new way of working. Those companies have seen a decade’s worth of workplace changes compressed to a few short months. They’re learning more about their employees…

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