How to Provide Feedback That Helps Employees Improve


How to Provide Feedback That Helps Employees Improve

Your Feedback Has an Impact When Provided Respectfully and With Care

Provide Feedback That Has an Impact

Make your feedback have the impact it deserves by the manner and the approach you use when you want to provide employees with performance feedback. Your feedback can make a difference to people if you can avoid provoking a defensive response.

Especially to perceived negative or less than positive feedback, employees have a tendency to react defensively because people tend to take feedback personally and not professionally. This is a deterrent to your ability to help the employee improve their performance.

These guidelines will help you help employees develop their performance through your positive use of feedback.

Here’s How You Can Best Provide Feedback

Effective employee feedback is specific, not general.

To provide specific feedback, for example, say, “The report that you turned in yesterday was well-written, understandable, and made…

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