Here Are The Exact Words To Use On Social Media To Get More Customers


by John White, MBA Helping brands become visible | Inc. Magazine | Interviewed Mark Cuban & Dez Bryant | “Branding Expert,” in Forbes

Every month, I consult with a variety ofentrepreneursand brands on their social media strategy. When I first meet with them, they always raise the concern that they are generating likes and followers onsocial media, but not a high enough percentage of them are actually beingconverted into customers.

The biggest hole in their strategy is often that they either are not using calls to action at all, or they are not using the right words to convince their followers to take the next step. Their customers simply don’t know what to do next after reading a post.

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever these days, and if your company doesn’t have a compelling call to action in your posts, people will…

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