The 6 Ways You Can Find the Best Candidate for the Job


According to the American Staffing Association,3 million temporary and contract employees are put to work by staffing companies in the United States during an average week. On top of this, there are almost 15 million staffing employee hires per year.

These numbers showcase the influence and expertise that staffing agencies have in finding suitable employees for their clients. Staffing agencies have great relationships, evaluation processes, and intuition, all of which helps their clients find great candidates for open positions.

Here are some of the most crucial areas that staffing companies focus on to find the right candidates for open positions.Focus on Referrals & Relationships

The best recruiters and staffing agents keep thorough notes on candidates with whom they’ve built rapport within their applicant tracking systems. This allows them to quickly match vetted candidates with open positions. In turn, as candidates continue to work with the staffing agency…

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