How to Become Truly Confident


How to Become Truly Confident

Confidence is one of those game-changing qualities—like rapport, empathy, and courage—that is both incredibly valuable and highly elusive. As soon as we “try” to be confident, we’ve already failed. As soon as we “act” more confident, we’re already pretending. Telling someone to “be more confident” is like telling someone to be taller. That’d be nice, but how?

The answer to that question requires a new approach to confidence—one that goes beyond the “fake it till you make it!” mentality, and moves toward something more authentic, more grounded and more holistic.

We need to get clear on what true confidence really looks like, so we can understand how it works, how to cultivate it, and how to rediscover it when it wanes.

Most importantly, we need to approach confidence not as a fixed quality to be attained, but as a dynamic process to be engaged in throughout our lives—a…

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