Startup sales: Upselling 101


Startup sales Upselling 101

Your current customers are the best prospects for future sales.

Yet, very few startups act that way. Whenever I talk with founders, I observe that their thoughts about existing customers are mostly focused on these 3 points:

  • How can we retain them?
  • How can we support them?
  • How can we get referrals from them? (this is a distant third)

If your company isn’t generating a steadily increasing percentage of revenue through upsells to your existing customer base, you owe it to yourself and your business to set 10 minutes aside for this post.

Before we dive into the how and why of upselling, let me address one thing first:

Upselling isn’t evil (although some companies make it so)

Think upselling is a sleazy business tactic? I’m not surprised, because the most memorable experiences we have as consumers with upselling are often obnoxious and annoying:

  • Wanting to register…

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