Post-Pandemic Event Checklist: Audience-Centric Innovation and Messaging


Post-Pandemic Event Checklist Audience-Centric Innovation and Messaging

The COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions and new practices of the resulting lock-down have left an indelible mark on the face of many industries, and events are no exception, whether the event takes place online, in the real world, or as a hybrid of both.

As the demand for virtual/hybrid events continues to grow, we need to factor in how we define our approach by focusing on who our audience really is, and then use those insights to design the outcomes and content for our event. Recalibrating how you assess event objectives makes all the difference when creating attendee experiences that drive engagement, impact, legacy, and behavior change.

What That Means

Since the COVID lockdown began, we’ve gone back and forth between entirely virtual connections—unable to have physical contact with anyone outside our homes—to gradual easing of restrictions with distancing measures still in place. However, with some sectors…

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