10 New Words Coined During the “Year of Corona” (Also Known as 2020)


by Gregg Rosenzweig

Just when you think the English language has thought of it all, a global pandemic hits and leaves us… speechless. Well, most of us. The copywriters, the journalists, the content creators — they’re still tasked with interpreting the world for all of humanity. From “coronavirus” itself to “PPE” to “social distancing,” new words and phrases have vaulted into our everyday use, becoming part of the mainstream lexicon and a steady ingredient in our fortified daily media diet.

These creative terms and turns of phrase surprise and delight us when we see them because they perfectly describe something we all feel. They also help us create better content because contentiscommunication and finding clear and/or clever ways to do it is atthe heart of what brands do. It’s also something for content creators to be concerned with as they meet the moment withcultural sensitivity…

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